about us

Hello, My name is Danny, a 48 year old dog lover, Canaan dog breeder and proud resident of Michigan. Since I was young, I have shown a great interest in animals in general and dogs in particular. This love grew over the years and led me to raise Canaanite dogs, a breed that captivated my heart because of their character, loyalty and natural beauty.

I am happily married to a couple who have been swept into this love, and together we have been blessed with three wonderful children who also share our love for dogs from a young age. Our family is complemented by our four amazing Canaan dogs, each brother and his own unique charm, and we cannot imagine our home without them.

In addition to being a dog breeder in Canaan, I am also involved in education. and I believe that education plays a critical role in nurturing people who are responsible and sensitive to the environment, and who understand the importance of caring for animals in our lives.

As a breeder, my main goal is to preserve the unique qualities of Canaan dogs and ensure their continued existence. My ambition is to raise healthy, socialized puppies who will become loving companions to their future families. Through dedication, love and hard work, I am committed to sharing the joy of Canaan dogs with others and promoting responsible pet ownership.

My life revolves around my family, my career, and my passion for Canaan. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people and animals alike. Through my work, I hope to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.  This site is an integral part of this desire.